So, I’ve signed up for our local art guild’s Plein Air event in April, and want to start practicing. My BFF Kathy (another intrepid painter) and I drove around our rural county yesterday, looking for good scenes to paint.

Given the very rural nature of our county, there aren’t a whole lot of landmarks. We did find a few good spots, but even better, we found alpacas.

An alpaca farm, to be exact. We didn’t approach them, not wanting to scare them or annoy their owner, but took pictures from the car.

I cooed out my window at them, using a silly oochie-goochie baby voice. They seemed intrigued, and trained their big, limpid eyes on me as I babbled and took pics.

They look so sweet! I want to go back and take more pics. Actually, I want to go back and snuggle and pet them.

Don’t think their owner would be too pleased with that, so I’ll have to settle for more pics. 😊