There is a baby in our family who will be celebrating her first Christmas this year.  I decided to crochet something for her.

I found an adorable crochet bunny pattern at One Dog Woof.  The comments on Pinterest suggested that it was quick and easy to make.  I’ve crocheted a few scarves, so I figured I’ve got this.

I used Lion brand Homespun yarn–this was the type of yarn used in the instructions but she used size 6, super-bulky.  Mine is 5/bulky.  I have a few skeins of varying colors of Homespun my yarn stash, and decided that this Fiesta color might be cheerful enough for a baby, but dark enough to be able to withstand some wear and tear before needing cleaning.

I decided to sew the nose and eyes with yarn, as opposed to plastic eyes that, even though they’re called safety eyes, might create a choking hazard for a not-quite one year old.

I used a K size crochet hook– an L hook was used in the pattern.

Sorry, I was so in the weeds while working on this that I didn’t even think to take photos as I went, but that’s probably for the best because I struggled. A lot.

First, with the yarn.  I LOVE Homespun yarn, but forgot how difficult it can be to work with.  It’s so curly and fuzzy, it can hard to see loops in your work.

Also, there are frequent stitch changes.  You know, 2 of these, 3 of those, 2 of these again, now 1 of something completely different.  I lose my place really easily with patterns like this, especially when keeping half an eye on the football my hubster was watching, so I can react appropriately to his cheers and groans.  I probably would’ve done way better in a quiet room, but I like hanging out with my hubby so…I kept losing track and having to back up.  Counting stitches on the work in progress seemed nearly impossible with this yarn (for me, anyway).

The pattern starts with a crocheted magic circle.  I had to refresh with YouTube on how to make one of these, which came in handy because every part of this bunny starts with a magic circle.

I had to look up other stitches too.  Like “half double crochet decrease”.  Come again?  And other, previously unknown stitches too.  I was humbled into realizing that whipping up a few scarves using only a couple of the easiest crochet stitches on the planet didn’t exactly prepare me for this project.

But I persevered, spent lots of time watching and re-watching YouTubers who are so generous with their knowledge, and after hours of crocheting, pulling stitches and restarting, re-watching and crocheting some more, I had a bunny.

Would I do it again?  Yes, but I’ll use bulkier, smoother yarn the next time.  And do my crocheting in a quieter environment.  However, given all the hair-pulling and muttered-under-the-breath curses that this bunny evoked, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I hope our little one is, too.